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Awesome Andrew

Awesome guest Andrew

Awesome guest Andrew

“My recent stay at Mary Ann and Roberto’s condo was exactly what was needed for me to recover after a long stretch of work. The condo was as described, having all the comforts of home, and in a fantastic location with all necessities nearby. “

“The hosts met me on time and provided me with information of the area, fresh fruit to help recover from my travels, and even assisting me in obtaining a SIM for my phone. And for any questions I had during my stay, they were always responsive. Upon my return, it is very likely I would stay there again and am happy to recommend this condo and hosts for consideration by fellow travelers.”



Awesome Cherry, Jorella, Ysabel and Rachelle

Awesome Host with Awesome Guests!

Awesome Host Mary Ann with Awesome Guests Rachelle, Ysabel and Jorella.   Cherry ( not in picture) is from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

We strive to make our guests have a worry-free stay at our Awesome Vacation Condos in Eastwood City and in Newport City. Affirmations and praises like this from guests make us really take pride in giving them a worry-free experience.

Dearest Mary Ann and Mr. Prudente

We ABSOLUTELY enjoyed our stay here at your beautiful condo! Makes me want to get my own Le Grand Condo in the near future

Ate said that this place is far more beautiful in person. You have also been extremely accommodating and we want to thank you for your hospitality!

To future guests, you made the right decision of picking this place.

(Rachelle, Ysabel & Cherry)

I was so amused when I saw the wifi pw. I see how you two are star wars fans!

May the force be with you too!